We needed a Plan B...

It was 2010 when Deasil Management Group issued a market tender looking for a corporate travel agency aligned with their interests as a travel buyer. Eager to collaborate with an agency who shared common goals and values, the stand-out option became clear – to create one. 

Plan B was developed initially to service Deasil’s affiliated businesses and partner network. Realising the opportunity, Plan B extended the solution to other like-minded corporations with similar requirements.

Now, Plan B is available to you.

We created our own

Combining the latest in technology with a client-focused business model, Plan B began offering its solution to the market in 2011.

Plan B understands the value of a good travel agent and draws from the expertise from some of the most experienced in the country.

(Em)powered by Locomote’s Travel Management Platform (TMP) and Corporate Booking Tool (CBT), combined with Australia’s best ‘travel geniuses’ to bring travel solutions every day, helping them to reduce costs and maximise business efficiency.

Plan B now services over 130 corporate clients and is growing exponentially.

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