Plan B has brought together the best minds from the travel industry, small to medium enterprises and large corporates to design a travel technology that gives organisations improved corporate travel management and, in turn, access to better deals and savings.

We're not a mainstream travel agency. Like you, we're a business. Deasil Management Group became increasingly frustrated with traditional travel management companies and saw the need to reduce travel costs and access a travel system that is user-friendly, efficient and modern day. It needed a better option - its own plan b. So, it went about building a better option. Enter Plan B - a strong blend of technology and travel experience.

Plan B founders, Philip Weinman (Chairman of Deasil Management Group) and Dr. Clive Sher (a Medical Doctor who is now a leading consultant to medium and large corporates in the area of OH&S and Corporate Compliance) set out to bring together the best minds across all types of businesses and invested heavily to develop their own plan b for corporate travel through advanced technology and then brought together the best travel "geniuses" from the travel industry.

The result was impressive and Plan B was formed to extend the solution to its partners - other corporate organisations and SMEs ready to make a change and improve its corporate travel management.

Plan B has not been established as a traditional travel agent but rather as a corporate in its own right. Plan B's established relationships with key airlines allow for it to negotiate directly with the airlines on behalf of its partner clients and receive market-leading rates for those clients.

So to get started, we established a fully accredited travel agency, brought it in-house and hired travel "geniuses" from around the country to service our partner clients when there is a need for support. Travel policies and reduced travel spend has been achieved for Deasil through Plan B's technology so we've decided to take our experience and bring it to partner clients who may also feel the need to run their own travel and not have to pay high fees to a TMC.

Minimising corporate travel spend and managing travel costs is a commercial reality for every business. Plan B improves value for money, reduces time and cost, maximises business efficiency and measures performance to bring you the best travel solution. We have deliberately and methodically set out to partner with the best in the business.

Locomote is a leading digital agency focusing on software and application development. Locomote custom designed Plan B's travel booking platform using the latest technology.
Locomote Pty Ltd, a separate legal entity, operates in-house from the Deasil Management Group headquarters providing Plan B's partner members with fast and reliable service to meet their tailored travel needs.
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Advisory Board

  • Sally Windsor
    Director of Operations
    Deasil Management

  • Nigel Garrard
    President, Amcor Industry : Packaging
  • Bruce Levy
    CEO, Medibank Private Industry : Healthcare
  • Daniel Okun
    Group CFO,
    Deasil Management
  • Peter Pagonis
    Partner and member of the Deloitte Board
  • Clive Sher
    Medical Director to many Australian multinationals industry : Medical
  • Richard Uechtritz
    ex-CEO, JB-HiFi industry : Retail
  • Dean Weinman
    Managing Director
    Deasil Management
  • Philip Weinman
    Chairman & Founder
    Deasil Management
  • Peter Williams
    CEO; Deloitte Digital industry: Digital & online

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