Plan B (em)powered by Locomote.
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Australia's Fastest Growing Company
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Do you have a Plan B for your corporate travel?

We didn't. So we set off to find one. When we couldn't find one, we developed our own. Now our Plan B is available to you.

Introducing Plan B - Australia's fastest growing company, providing technology and VIP service solutions direct to corporates.

Whether you're a large corporate or a small to medium sized business and you have grown tired of unnecessary booking fees, countless phone calls, expensive flights and accommodation and a hefty annual travel budget that increases every year, Plan B could well be the solution for you.

Plan B replaces the expensive travel agent model of high booking fees, with a revolutionary travel solution (em)powered by the Locomote Travel Management Platform (TMP) and Corporate Booking Tool (CBT); which has shown to significantly reduce your travel costs.

Changing landscape of corporate travel

For too long, corporate travel agencies have ‘called the shots’. They use booking systems and processes that are out-dated and choose suppliers based on volume driven contracts, rather than offering you, the client, the best travel deals.

Their services are bundled and there is limited transparency. You are locked into long-term contracts and such arrangements deliver maximum revenue and profit to the corporate travel agency through management fees, commissions and rebates.

Your interests are secondary.

But with Plan B, (em)powered by Locomote, things are different. You are in control.

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